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Last Indexed: February 17, 2017 07:30
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All Things Work For Good (Messian Dread Update March 29 2017) (topic)
WWW,  March 29 2017 - Over two years since the last update. Apart from a few postings on the Dubroom Message Boards and Google+ as well as some interesting discussions on YouTube, nothing has come out from yours truly. So what has been...

Messian Dread

March 29, 2017 19:44
Three Weeks On The Edge Of Physical Life (topic)
THREE WEEKS ON THE EDGE OF PHYSICAL LIFEMESSIAN DREAD REPORT FEBRUARY 19 2015WWW, February 19 2015 - There I was, just a couple of days before what would be my first live performance in this year, just a couple of days after an initial...

Messian Dread

February 19, 2015 15:44
2015 Has Arrived (Messian Dread Update January 6 2015) (topic)
2015 HAS ARRIVEDMESSIAN DREAD UPDATE JANUARY 6 2015WWW, January 2015 - After a turbulent year both personal and in the musical field, this brand new year 2015 started nice and quiet. A New Year's greeting and update from the Dubroom...

Messian Dread

January 6, 2015 13:30
In The Mean Time... (Messian Dread Update August 22 2014) (topic)
IN THE MEAN TIME...MESSIAN DREAD UPDATE AUGUST 22 2014WWW, August 22 2014 - Yesterday was the conclusion of the official release of my album "Heavyweight Dubwise". During the last twelve days, while one track was released per day, I've...

Messian Dread

August 22, 2014 11:20
Greetings from Messian Dread :) (topic)
It's been a while since I've even logged in to the forum and I'm grateful to see that everything is still going on smoothly. Sorry, but I really needed this time off-site so to speak. So, what have I been doing then? Musically, I have...

Messian Dread

October 15, 2013 14:18
Back from holiday August 26 2011) (topic)
Greetings,After a few weeks of relative absence Jah Dawta and I are back online again. We've spent time off-line, although we did travel a few times to check some things online. In my case, I downloaded some video's and things because...

Messian Dread

August 25, 2011 16:40
A Message From Messian Dread (topic)
Greetings!As you (maybe) know, I'm getting married next friday and even though I'm working my #$%^$G^$G% off to get things done, I simply can't do it in time. Expect somewhere around September 6 or 7 another update, in the meantime...

Messian Dread

September 1, 2010 09:14


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