The Babylon Observer message board is predominantly intended to be a place of information and documentation for the readers/visitors of the Babylon Observer website and/or blog. Members are encouraged to forward material related to the topics you can find here, preferably with links to sources. Of course opinions are welcomed as well, but everything should be primarily aimed at serving the readers/visitors with material that may be of interest to them.


In rare occasions, moderation will be applied. Such occasions include instances wherein one member attacks another member, postings without a relevant content, deliberately off-topic posts clearly aimed at distorting the information, and the like. It should not be assumed that forwarded material is neccesarily in agreement with the opinions of the poster (or vice versa). It should be assumed that the material is relevant to the general idea of the Babylon Observer: to reveal the nature, history and future of what is described in the Bible as well as many conscious Reggae lyrics as "Babylon (System)". However, quoting openly racist material is deeply discouraged. A certain level is required. Generally spoken, check yourself if you have a genuine interest in the material itself before posting it. Do not post material in attempts to harm the Babylon Observer forum or other members.

Using tags is encouraged, the Babylon Observer might also add tags to your posting. This should not be seen as moderation but rather as a service to researchers who are looking for material by browsing through the tags.


The Babylon Observer account is used for moderation of this board, as well as forwarding interesting/relevant material. It should not be assumed that the Babylon Observer agrees with the forwarded material or vice versa. It is encouraged to add relevant material to threads created by the Babylon Observer, the account will also be used to add relevant material to threads initiated by other members.

The Babylon Observer account is not the personal account of the webmaster/moderator. He will post under his own name.


When you have any questions, please reply to this charter and you will receive an answer.