Please go to youtube and DISLIKE the following video. The URL is " target="_blank" rel="nofollow nofollow">

You will see two rather corpulent men sitting in a train station while a dread walks around them and chants "run them Sodomites" and other things. It's not about the dread since I don't know the context, but about the two men.

The two men appear to call themselves "Christian". However, they make some very derogative remarks about not just the dread, but about Rasta's, Jamaica and of course "marijuana". They show a very, very unchristian behaviour.

At about 12:15 into the video, one of the "christians" says (with an accent) "he's gonna end in Jamaica like a bum in Montego Bay like all the Rastas".

I've tried to give a comment on the video and point out to the false statements made about the movement of Rastafari but that comment was deleted. So I would like to invite everyone who reads this to go to the YouTube page and press dislike and make some respectful, thoughtful comments.